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nOThiNg bEtTeR 2 dO sInCe iT's sO BoRiNG~

Sunday, June 26, 2005

DiGi's 10th aNnivErsaRy 2nD rOunD!~

Oh my gosh! It's so grand!
I am really outta words to describe that dinner. The atmosphere is superb great with a stage being built at the centre of the ballroom! They even invited Patrick Teo as the guest spokeperson on stage. Darn!

1800 staffs attended the dinner and it was like a super party for all of us. Dress code for the night is elegant stylish! So I have to wear tie ler. *blush*

We're having a frech style dinner, almost the same candle light dinner I've had with Ivy at Bukit Tinggi last time. Appetizer, Soup, Main Course, Dessert. Not enough to keep me full ler! At 1st, I wondered why the center of the tables is full of flowers, I thought they gonna remove it in order to place the food but in the end the food is served like a set, where everybody got a plate of food.

The lucky draw, well, I still couldn't quite believe it, only 10 persons is selected as winners. And the prize? As I can remember, the 8th prize of the night is 4 days and 3 nights in Hong Kong. 2nd prize is 7 days and 5 nights in LA and the 1st one is 5 days and 4 nights in Oslo Norway!!!!!! All the 10 prizes is overseas trips! wah lan! rich!!

Entering the ballroom!

See those peoples?

Noticed how far is the stage from me?? AND THE STAGE IS IN THE CENTRE OF THE ROOM!!

Yellow for DiGi!

My Appetizer~

Result of sneezing while drinking! Artwork of my colleague~ lolx!

Me and Jason~ he's the man!

Alan~ why he looks like a pig?? ;)

Introducing Jericca! too bad, she's married. :P

This is the prettiest angel! lolx... Eve!

LoLx~ Pauline~ cutie baby!

Chris Q is here~~ :P

Saturday, June 25, 2005

baNaNa's daY!~

Yo! Just came back from the 1st round of DiGi's 10th Anniversary event! There will be another round later tonight. So darn syok~

Events is being held at KL Convention Centre and gosh, there's 1800 staffs of DiGi in KLCC today went shopping with the RM200 voucher that we got as gift. And KLCC is being swamped by 'bananas' today because all of us are required to wear the yellow T-shirt provided by my company.

Went shopping with my colleagues and for that RM200 voucher for shopping in Isetan, I bought a Renoma wallet worth RM209!!! So happy~ =) My friend then sponsor me RM10 of his voucher so that I no need to pay anything. So sweet. kekee~

Then we got a bag, a DiGi IMAX complimentary passes and a sucks big time 'banana' T-shirt. keke. There will still be another round which is Annual dinner held at the same location at 7pm tonight! stay tuned!

Oh yeah, Initial D screening is ON! I am waiting for this movie since last year man! Gonna watch it next week. My colleague who got a complimentary passes for the premiere went and come back with lotsa goodies and I snatched it from him. Muhahahhaha..... So bad of me! I don't care! I want those Initial D goodies~

See those 'bananas'??

More of those 'banana's'~

My Banana T-Shirt!

Yorrr... Banana bag~

Suprise?? What is inside~?

Complimentary Tics!! There's RM200 Isetan cash vouchers ler, but I spent it edi~ :(

My RM200 is inside~ :)

Ta Daaaaaaa! Only the box~

Muahahhahaha! My new wallet~ :):)

Snatched!! Initial D poster!

SnatchED! Edison Chen as Ryousuke's postcard!

SNATCHED!!! Initial D CAR STICKER!! kekeke~ See, I'm Bad!

Friday, June 10, 2005

a DaY oUt ~ sHincHaN, PauLinE, F.I.R!!

Today Shinchan dump Kelvin for Cherish~ :P. Sei sui jai!
Actually today go and look for Shinchan to accompany me to fix PC and watch Kungfu Mahjong one. Then when we reach there, that PC shop not yet open and I wait there for it to be open lor. Then Shinchan say wanna go to Times Square to buy tics 1st. After he buy the tics, he go and look for Cherish and dump me at Low Yat waiting for the shop to open. cheh!

Then me and Shinchan walked to Times Square to watch Kungfu Mahjong. Nice movie ler. I laugh non-stop but Shinchan wanna perserve his cool looks, don't wanna laugh. Sial betul!

After movie we go time minum at Starbucks. Then go to arcade centre to play games. Hehehe~ Shinchan only know how to play gun games. :P

After collecting my PC, I fetched Shinchan home and then I went to fetch Pauline as she got extra tics to watch F.I.R promo concert. Darn crowded ler!! We have to walk from Sunway Pyramid to Sunway Medical Centre in order to go to the walkover to Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. I think around 2km! :sweat:

Lotsa ppl in there in the concert and then there's a guy fainted in front of me and Pauline. Strange things is that his friends is like don't know he fainted. When they realised, they only know how to shout his name. Stupid.

Pauline keep on snapping pics via her nokia 6230. :sweat: After that we walked back to Sunway Pyramid, and gosh, another 2km. Really feel like wanna pengsan.

Before I fetched her home, we have supper in Maju Avenue, OUG. That's my one whole day today lor. Tiring but worth it. :P:P

kekekeke. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing SHINCHAN!!!

F.I.R stage concert. N6230 punya quality punya pasal la!

Cutie Pauline~ cool~

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

haPpY beLaTeD B'DaY!! ~ PauLiNe!

Opppss.... I forgotten her b'day ler....

Anyway, just wish her a happy belated birthday ler. Happy Birthday to Pauline whose birthday falls on 30th May.

Hey Pauline, if you're seeing this, sorry ler for not joining you for your birthday. ;) May Your Wish Come True!!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

baRfLy NiTe!

Finally got to meet those xettie board members! I've never met them before and this is the 1st time I've met them. But in the end, I only knew a few of them only, mainly Shinchan, Hazel, Cheryl, NomNom, NuNu, Smei, RouRou and her boyfriend.

I called Shinchan when i reached there as I don't even know where is BarFly located. Hehe, paiseh. Waited Shinchan at Thai Bar where he come over and bring me to BarFly.

When I reached there, I saw Hazel 1st, then NuNu and Cheryl and then only NomNom (that big size guy~ keke). Well, one word to sum up that night, CRAZY and they are definitely CRAZY! RouRou is affected by those post-alcohol influence making her crazy to the max. lolz! Really beh tahan with the gang!

Well, my disappointment is that I didn't manage to meet Freddie. haihz! Next time ler.... sure got chance one!

Me & Shinchan!

Me & my BaBy HaZeL!

Me & my Cheryl jie jie~ finally met her lor~!

My blur blur face...

p/s : Shinchan, borrow your pics for posting ya! hehehe!

Monday, May 23, 2005

nEw MiDi 2 sUiTz mY mOoD~

Sighz, new midi uploaded to suit my mood at the moment.

Feeling teribbly down at the moment, really couldn't find any others midi or songs that can be fitted into my blog. Feeling hopeless, devastated, exhausted and tiring. What can I say?

Anyone who has watched the MTV of the midi will know how sad this MTV was. Decided to choose this.

Breaking up will be the last thing I hope to be happened again but unfortunately it happens so fast~

Thursday, May 19, 2005

nOw iT's mY tUrN ~ bReaK uP!

I'm so sad and sooo lost now. My over jealousy kills me!!!!!!

I feel sooo regret for what I've done.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

i'M bAcK!!

Hey all!
Finally I do a little update on my blog for the first time after 2 months. Hehe! Don't know why suddenly I feel like blogging after MIA for a couple of months.

Anyway, lotsa things happens during this couples of months. I'm still working in DiGi but has been transferred to Network & Specialized Team which solves customer's problem instead of taking details and answering calls. Enjoy the job so much. It is a cross-training actually and might be transferred back to call centre after 6 months. Anyway, just like DiGi so much coz they gave me a brand new Nokia 6230 few days back. And boy, it's free of charge!!! I still prefer my Nokia 7610 though. keke.

And bout my relationship with Ivy, it's working fine. She's finally got a job in PJ. That would lessen my burden a lot. :P hehe. She's getting cuter and prettier everyday in my eyes. lolz!

Well, there's a sad thing that happens too. End of last month, I lost my grandfather who lost in his fight against lung cancer. That's sad. He is a very very good grandfather and definately the best around. All of us will miss him dearly. Jackie, am I right? :) Hope he will rest in peace and spare him for all the sufferings. God Bless.

It's getting late now. Have to sleep and tomorow have to work in the morning~ Nitez!

Friday, February 04, 2005


Well, lotsa people hopes to get into a gf/bf relationship whenever they see other couples holding hands or holding waist at shopping complexes. I finally got it now and I feel so satisfied with it. But maybe being out of relationship for 1 1/2 years took it's toll on me. I feels like I don't know how to 'pak tor' liaoz. Maybe need some time for me to take back the 'pak tor' feel.

My last relationship ended on a sour note therefore I don't dare too put too much in this though I know I love my current one so much. I am very very afraid of the feeling of getting hurt again so there's a limit for everything I did.

Anyway, just hope everything will be fine as time flies by~ gambate to myself.. =P

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Yo! A good news for me~ Ivy is officially my gf liaoz~ yoohoo~ kekekke!!! wahhahahha!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

fLaSHbAcK! PoRt DiCkSoN tRip!

Since I managed to upload my previous pics inside my Nokia 7610 into my PC, I'll post some previous pics of my trip to PD. More update soon as I am in a rush now to fetch 'somebody'!

My stupid dumb look~ :P

another one :P

Alvin's dumb look, as if there's gold in PD:P

Sunset in PD

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

nO uPdAtE YeT! nO pIcS!

phew! 2.40am and still chatting with Shinchan on MSN. Tomorrow I'll be working morning shift. Sufferz man! 10am to 7pm. sighz! That's life! And yeah... Shinchan, sorry for not going to ur birthday party ya coz I was getting late that day. Tried to go and called Shinchan and he told me that the party gonna end already and I'm still in Shah Alam that time, still haven't fetched Ivy and the present is still in my house. duh! Ivy has even fully dressed to attend the party when I fetch her. So kawaii man!

Since we didn't went to the party, she suggest we went to Bangsar for some red wine session. Then I remembered Canlie was in Thai Bar, so I called her and she say she was in Redbox. I called Alvin, thinking she was with Canlie, but he is sleeping at home. Then he forced me to Thai Bar and pulled Canlie and her friends together out from Redbox to Thai Bar. Kacau aje! Somemore so many peoples in Thai Bar.

In the end, I was a bit fed up actually. Bored and stupid! Finally fetched Ivy home.

Nowadays no pics to upload ler coz my N7610 is with Ivy at the moment. Hopefully later la I will update all my pics back!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

HaPpY BiRtHdAY 2 Shinchan-san!

Well, a post specially dedicated to Shinchan aka Kelvin (another one! haihz!), our pro leng luiz blogger! 15th January will be his birthday and a big birthday shoutout from me to him..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHINCHAN!!!!!!!!!!

He'll be having his birthday party at Desa Petaling as mentioned earlier in my previous post. Well, hope he'll be enjoying himself with all the other xettie members especially those who are longing to to see his so called angelz!

Shinchan-san aka Kelvin! Happy Birthday Dude!!

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Long time never updated my blog~ Maybe because of there's nothing special to report about this few days. Hopefully there will be more in the coming days.

Just finish my last day of 5pm-2am shift last night. Has been doing these shifts for the past 2 weeks and that really bored me to death~ It's like taking my life outta me! Luckily there's 4 days off starting from now till next Wednesday and I'll be back to work only on next Thursday at 1.30pm~ lolz. 4 days man! really can get rot in da house~ lolz!

Well, nothing much to report actually. Oh yeah.... another free advertising for Shinchan! Next week, 15th Jan 2005 at 7pm, he will be having his birthday party at Desa Petaling. I am working from 1.30pm till 10.30pm. Hopefully I could be there in time! Never saw anyone of the members in Xettie though I've been there for almost 1 1/2 months~ :P

Well... guess that's all. Hopefully there's more to blog in the next 4 days of my off days!

Monday, January 03, 2005

BuKiT tinGGi tRiP~

Waaa! I am so darn tired. Just came back from working justnow. Well, I was being busy the whole day. Freaking tired and exhausted.

Just cut my hair and reliased it was way too short and feeling regret bout it... sighz! stupid hairstylist!

On 01.01.2005, I went to Bkt Tinggi with Ivy. Before we started our journey, we went to Ampang Point to purchase a LG C1100 handset using my DiGi staff benefit voucher worth RM500. Have to buy it coz there's some problem with Ivy's current handset. So just paying additional RM30 for that handset. :P I end up giving the handset to her without mentioning whether I am borrowing her or giving it to her. Who cares ler?

Then we go to Bkt Tinggi. Actually I never drived there before and this would be my 1st time driving up there and I've only been there once previously. Based on those road signs, I managed to reach there at around 5pm but hell, it was raining. bugger... spoiled the day. Since it's raining, I just asked Ivy if we should rent a room there. She was reluctant at first but then thinking that there's nowhere we could go and we had just arrived, so she just agreed to my plan. So I've rented a One Bedroom Suite which costs me about RM300.

We stayed in the room watching TV on the couch and having some snacks till about 8.30pm before we go out and have dinner. Candlelight dinner. duh~ Very expensive and couldnt even fill up my stomach. I ordered a Salmon steak while she ordered a braised chicken with spaghetti. Eating there really giving me pressure as those waiter keep on staring at us awaiting further order from us. duh.We quickly finish off our dinner and spend the next hour walking around the French Village. Went back to our room again for some hot bath before going out to the pub opposite our room having some red wine till I received a call from Alvin. He knew I am at Bkt Tinggi with Ivy but doesn't know we rented a room there so he was asking if I am going back to KL and I say I will be back shortly. Then he say he and Canlie are looking for place to hang out and asked me if I wanted to rent a room there and they gonna join us. I was like........ uh... WTF!!??.... Looking at Ivy's face, I just agree to them. sighz~ That's what I called potong stim!

Still having our red wine as they arrived in Bkt Tinggi. Nothing much to do so we just sleep as me and Ivy has been very tired. Woke up the next morning and went to Japanese Village and Rabbit Park before we go home as I need to work at 5pm~ sighzz!!

Bukit Tinggi.... At the watchtower

Cutie rabbit at the Rabbit's Park~

Who is cuter? Ivy or the rabbit huh? lolz~

That lightbulb, Canlie with me and Ivy~ lolz~

Canlie and Ivy trying to compare who is cuter?~